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Cocktail Co initially started life as Sydney Cocktail Club in 2014 to provide a platform for drinks enthusiasts in Sydney to meet up and indulge their thirst for learning about all things spirits and cocktails. Our goal at the time was to connect like minded imbibers in a social setting via events. We've been blown away by the reception we've received and over time, realised that our little community's inspiration stretched far beyond just the events we were organising. 

So, many events later, we’ve unveiled a new chapter to reflect our evolution into a more holistic destination for those who love their cocktails and want to learn more about the what, who and why behind the drink. As has been the case since inception, we're not driven by the marketing agenda of any particular brand and exist to spread the love of all alcoholic spirits, from the ever popular ones such as gin and whisky through to the obscure. All our content and events are curated with the drinker in mind, so you can be assured that when we say we're for drinkers, by drinkers...we mean it. 

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A personal message

When I first started Sydney Cocktail Club in late 2014, my aim was to recreate the kind of engaging events I had attended myself that facilitated my own learning in the world of booze, but minus the kind of sales push or bias you get at those put on by brands or retail shops.  As an enthusiastic home bartender myself, I found it difficult to locate independently curated events that catered to my growing thirst for spirits education, beyond the really basic or those simply intended to drive sales. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride but I like to think that in the three years since, we’ve made boozy education a bit more fun and relevant to the modern day cocktail drinker.

The three years since we started has also seen the rising prominence of social media (notably platforms like Instagram) together with the dominance of technology in facilitating information sharing and connecting drinkers from all corners of the globe. No longer is it difficult to find your tribe, your cohorts, your collective…and I myself have been lucky enough to connect with so many creative home bartenders this way, most of whom I have never met in real life. We’ve exchanged tips over private messages or group chats, provided recommendations to one another on email and following on from that, I’ve even met up with some on their travels to Sydney or my travels abroad. I can genuinely say I’ve learnt just as much through this sort of informal communication as I have through our real life events.

So when it came to reviewing SCC’s future direction, it seemed natural to broaden the context in which we sought to connect with drinkers, and to connect our cohort with one another. The world is a small place as they say, and geographical limitations mean little nowadays in the facilitation of knowledge. Dropping Sydney from our name made sense but it was a little of a struggle to come up with something I felt reflected SCC’s evolution and its new focus. I like to think that we have struck the right balance with Cocktail Co.  The Co for me, encapsulates all those different pillars that drives what I hope to achieve moving forward – inspiring cocktail conversations through content, facilitating connections both online and in real life through our events and encouraging better consumption at home. Converse, connect and consume is something we all do every day but in the context of cocktails and spirits, I hope we can inspire you to make educated choices in all of those facets.

Having road tested a few formats and in line with this renewed aim, our focus for events will be on more intimate gatherings, where guests will have an opportunity to interact with one another and also contribute to the conversation at hand.  And we are also introducing a shop featuring specially curated items that will facilitate your boozy education (and drinking pleasure of course) at home, which I hope will allow us to connect with those who are unable to join us at our tastings and events.

Amidst all these changes however, one thing remains and will always remain constant. And that is that all our content and events will always be curated with the drinks enthusiast in mind, rather than be led by any sales targets or brand push. Our independence is something I have always valued and it is never something I would compromise.

To every one of you who've bought a ticket to our events in the past, showed us some love (be it in person, on our site or social media accounts) or simply reached out to us, thank you. I hope we will continue to be a part of each other's drinking journey. To those who are yet to experience this community of ours, I invite you to join us - whether it is to simply browse the site, get a ticket to an event, buy something from the shop that speaks to you, spread the word amongst those you think would enjoy what we do or just sign up to our newsletter. I look forward to conversing, connecting and consuming with you.

As always your fellow drinker,

Inoka is an avid drinks enthusiast so much so that she’s completed the WSET Professional Certificate in Spirits to try and give legitimacy to all the informal education she calls drinking at home and at the bar. She’s written about booze for a variety of publications, including Stylist UK, Barchick and Diffordsguide, been featured in publications such as the Telegraph and has presented at countless events.