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Operation Drink Me (Vodka)

  • Top secret Sydney CBD/Kings Cross location (map)

Calling all you spirited agents! If you've missed out on our recent sell out whisky session, don't fret - we've got another upcoming assignment!

Vodka has long been considered the poor cousin of gin, dubbed the flavourless spirit and something you would throw back on a disco night out or use in a sweet cocktail. If you think vodka is this flavourless bland spirit, this is the mission for you! On 16 March, join us as we embark on a mission to debunk all the myths and misconceptions surrounding one of the biggest selling spirits in the world, VODKA. 

After a welcome drink or two and with some nibblies to fortify your strength, we will take you through a range of vodkas that will challenge your flavour buds and destroy forever the perception of vodka as a soulless spirit. The commanders leading the charge in this mission include:

  1. Fire Drum Vodka, produced right here in Tasmania by the same distillery that also produces Sullivans Cove whisky
  2. Vestal Vodka, a range of vodkas produced in Poland using potatoes and so new in Australia, it literally landed on our shores just before Christmas 2015. 
  3. Hartshorn Vodka, produced in Tasmania using sheep's whey...yes, you heard right. Sheep's whey. The batch we are tasting is pretty special too, but if we told you more at this point, we'd have to kill you.

To guide us through this perilous journey, we will be joined by Amanda Beck, founder of Fire Drum and Angus Burton, distributor of Vestal and Hartshorn in Australia. 

The mission will only set you back $48.02 for what promises to be an evening that will blow your mind. And where will this operation take place? Aha! Like all good missions, classified information such as this will be revealed to those brave enough to enlist. All we'll say is that the venue will be in the Sydney CBD/Kings Cross precinct and close to a train station. Dare you come drink, chat and discover with us? Enlist now by clicking on the button below.