Museo of Miracles

Milagro Tequila sign

Tequila has long had a party image, conjuring up images of shooters and hangovers too painful to mention. For something a little different, head across to SoCal in Neutral Bay, where Tequila Milagro has taken over the space for a pop up art exhibition featuring works by Mexico-city based photographer Mark Powell. With a keen eye for capturing the juxtaposition between modern and old Mexico, the works encapsulate to a degree the essence of Milagro, whose modern packaging belies the traditional methods used to produce it.

Milagro Art Exhibition

The result is a very smooth sipping range, which we found to be very clean and inoffensive on the palate and perfect as an introduction to the category, away from some of the grimace inducing numbers out there. Give it a try, and if you're there on a Sunday, there'll be cocktail specials, Milagro tasting flights alongside SoCal's Mex-inspired menu.  

Milagro art
Milagro cocktail