5 Gifts For the Drinker Who Has Everything

A Christmas Gift Guide for that person in your life who has everything (aka when money is no object)

You know how it is - that time of year has rolled around again and amidst the blur of parties and deadlines, you’ve got to find time to buy all your presents. And there’s always that one person who seems to have everything already. So here’s a guide to the most outrageous gifts you can get, also known as, the gift guide for when money is no object. Because sometimes, it’s nice to dream.

Tiffany & Co sterling silver straw

Tiffany & Co straw

2018 became the year we all started thinking more about sustainability and reducing our waste footprint. Chief amongst those waste cutting measures was phasing out the plastic straw. In its place have popped up a myriad of straws made from recyclable/compostable materials such as paper, pasta and stainless steel. But nothing beats the Tiffany & Co sterling silver crazy straw. Because you know you’ve made it in life when you can drop $455 on an item classed under their “everyday object” collection. Crazy it definitely is. Whilst you’re there, you might as well pick up their martini spoon for $870 or the sterling silver jigger for $1,550

Glenfarclas Family Trunk whisky

The Family Cask Trunk

Truth be told, we’re lusting after the trunk (though the whiskies are rather nice too). Reminiscent of those old world Louis Vuitton trunks, the Glenfarclas Family Cask Trunk additionally comes with all 50 single vintage whisky produced by the distillery between 1954 and 2003. Weighing in at a cool GBP$100,000 (AUD$170,000), there’s *only* 60 of these bad boys around.

World’s Most Expensive Gin Jam Jar Gin

The World’s Most Expensive Gin

For a gin that is touted to be the most expensive in the world, jam jars are certainly the last thing that spring to mind. The Morus LXIV gin from British producers Jam Jar Gin debuted their GPB$4,000 (or about AUD$7,000) bottle of gin in Harvey Nichols in the UK earlier this year. Said to be made from the leaves of an ancient mulberry tree, the whole production process apparently takes 2 years due to the leaves being hand harvested and individually dried.

Whisky Vault

A Spirits Vault

Naturally, the world’s most expensive gin can’t just sit on any old shelf. Shock horror if Aunt Lucy happens to visit and mistakes it for the stock standard supermarket brand. Enter the Whisky Vault, self proclaimed to be the most secure bulletproof cabinet ever (not sure who would ever want to shoot at a cupboard full of flammable liquid but well, they’ve got to pack on the features don’t they?). Now, this might be said to be for whisky, but we reckon that $7,000 bottle of gin will fit right in. Currently fundraising on crowdfunding platform indiegogo, you can score the vault for the bargain basement price of USD$2,940 (AUD$4,000) instead of USD$6,000 (AUD$8,317)

Macallan Masters Journey Whisky Flight

The Most Expensive Whisky Flight you’ll have

Not a flight of drinks (although you’ll get that too) but a literal flight. Between now and March 2019, you can book you and any hanger ons for a Macallan Masters journey that has been dubbed a “taste and travel experience like no other.” And it better be for a cool USD$46,000 (about AUD$63,000); this journey that takes in travel on a private jet and luxury yacht with rare whiskies and fine dining thrown in. That’s a lot of avocados on toasts.