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12 Cocktails of Christmas - Cookies for Santa Cocktail

Milk Cookies Santa Cocktail

Ok, so there's no cookies in this drink but Santa is only human. So instead of the usual cookies and milk, why not leave out something a little more "adult"? Sticking with the milk theme, we've taken inspiration from the Silk Stocking cocktail recipe from Diffordsguide but instead of using tequila, we've used vodka. But not just any vodka, we've used a mix of Small Mouth vodka, a smooth drinking drop and dropped a bit of Hartshorn sheep whey vodka from Tasmania, which has a complex. peppery and slightly vegetal note, not unlike the agave spirits.


  • 40ml Small Mouth vodka 
  • 20ml Hartshorn sheep whey vodka
  • 20ml creme de cacao (we used Distillery Botanica Koko Noir)
  • 7.5ml grenadine
  • 25ml single cream

Combine all and shake vigorously over ice. Pour into chilled martini glass