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Turkish Delight Cocktail

Turkish Delight cocktail

If you love the Turkish Delight sweet, you'll love this summery take on that classic Middle Eastern sweet treat traditionally scented with rose water. Using an ice ball that has been scented with rosewater and filled with edible rosebud/rose petals, the idea is that as the ice ball melts, it adds more to the perfume in the cocktail, rather than plain ice diluting the drink. By chance, we already had a Turkish Delight liqueur from Western Australian outfit the Grove Distillery so there's no need to add any rosewater to the main cocktail as that liqueur is a perfect balance of the chocolate rose-y treat.


  • 60ml vodka (we used Alaskan Rock)
  • 30ml Grove Distillery Turkish Delight liqueur
  • 5ml lemon juice
  • 30ml pomegranate juice

Shake all and strain into a glass with a rose ice ball.*

*To make rose ice ball, fill the ice ball mould with water then add 2 drops of rosewater into each as well as an edible rose bud.