12 Cocktails of Christmas - Mango Sparkling Spider Cocktail

Mango Sparkling Spider Cocktail

Frenchify the classic Champagne Cocktail with mango sorbet for a silky smooth drink

As far as celebrations go, nothing screams party more than champagne. Champagne cocktails aren't anything new but ice cream and champagne in one? That's exactly what a Soyeux au Champagne is, which directly translates to Silky Champagne from French or as it is sometimes spelt Soyer au Champagne. The latter spelling is perhaps a nod to its alleged creator, the celebrity French chef Alexis Soyer. First said to be created in the late 1800s, it is a creamy frothy mix of cognac, ice cream and champagne but we've updated it a little with our Aussie version featuring mango sorbet, Australian brandy and good old sparkling wine. It's light yet refreshing without the heavy creaminess that a traditional vanilla ice cream would have provided. Trust us, you won't be drinking just the one.


  • 30ml Redlands XO brandy

  • 30ml Baker Williams cumquat liqueur

  • 30ml maraschino liqueur

  • i scoop mango sorbet

  • Sparkling wine

Scoop the sorbet into the middle of the champagne coupe.

Shake the brandy, cumquat liqueur and maraschino then pour over the sorbet. Top up with the sparkling and serve straightaway.