Brown Buttered Rum Old Fashioned

Brown Buttered Rum Old Fashioned

Give the rum old fashioned cocktail a step up with this brown buttered fat-washed rum

Fat washed cocktails aren’t anything new. But they sure are delicious, even if it takes a bit of advance preparation (read our guide here on how to create the brown butter fat washed rum we use in this recipe)

The cocktail itself is a bit like drinking salted caramel toffee - you can leave out the lime juice and it will be even more toffee like. The butter adds a bit of saltiness to the rum and it also lends a velvet texture to the whole thing. You’ll want a fairly robust rum also to pair with the brown buttered rum - we used the locally produced Ord River Rum which has a bit more funk to it.

How to make a Brown Buttered Rum Old Fashioned


  • 45ml brown buttered fat washed rum

  • 20ml Ord River Rum overproof rum

  • 5ml coconut blossom syrup*

  • 2-4 dashes chocolate bitters


  • Combine all the ingredients in a shaker

  • Fill shaker with ice, preferably one large cube

  • Stir for about a minute or two

  • Strain the mixture into a short tumbler with a fresh cube of ice

How to make coconut blossom syrup

You can get the CSR brand coconut blossom sugar from most major supermarkets. It looks like a darker version of brown raw sugar and has a butterscotch, nutty flavour.

  • Measure out equal parts sugar and water and pour into a small pan

  • Over a low fire, stir until all the sugar is dissolved. Don’t boil the mixture.

  • Turn off the stove and let cool. Store in the fridge.