Old Fashioned Gin Bouquet Cocktail

Gin Old Fashioned Bouquet cocktail

Spruce up a normal gin old fashioned with a few herbs. Whether you want to use up some herbs or you are lucky enough to have a garden and want to highlight the fruits of your labour, this is a simple recipe that plays on the classic old fashioned cocktail. And you can use the syrup in other concoctions too - it’s delicious with a splash of soda water.

How to make an Old Fashioned Gin Bouquet cocktail


  • 60ml Distillery Botanica Garden Grown gin

  • 5ml bouquet garni syrup*

  • Few drops lemon juice


  • Stir all ingredients over a glass full of ice.

  • Strain and pour into fresh glass with ice cube.

How to make a bouquet garni syrup

  • Make up your bouquet garni - in this case, we used a few sprigs of basil flowers, thyme and sage

  • Stir around 100g sugar with 100ml water over low heat.

  • Once sugar fully dissolved, turn off heat. Add your herbs into the syrup to infuse.

  • Infuse around half hour then remove herbs.