High Tea Cocktails & Drams

High Tea Cocktails & Drams

Following on from the Whisky Aperitif Hour, we expanded into looking at how whisky might be consumed of an afternoon in the most unlikely of whisky settings - afternoon tea! This time held in the art noir surroundings of the Long Goodbye and presented in partnership with Dramnation and Paul John Whiskies, guests arriving were greeted with a welcome drink before settling down to business - tasting whisky and sampling how they would taste in three special tea-inspired cocktails!

Paul John whiskies

On taste was the Paul John range of whiskies, crafted in Goa but turning heads in established whisky markets such as Scotland with the quality of their spirit. Our task on hand was to demonstrate how these whiskies could be used in cocktails that we would happily serve as part of an afternoon tea setting

High Tea Cocktails setting

Working with Flynn of the Long Goodbye, the first cocktail paired the Paul John Brilliance with basil infused honey water, ruby red grapefruit juice which was served in a champagne flute topped up with soda water to evoke the fizziness and look of champagne, itself seen frequently at afternoon tea.

High Tea champagne cocktail

Our second cocktail utilised an idea that had its roots in the first event we held with Redlands Distillery and inspired by fellow drinks instagrammer the Fermented Alaskan. Perfect for the theme, we served the cocktail in chocolate teacups sat atop vanilla cupcakes gaudily decorated with orange icing to bring out the vibrant colours associated with India. A cocktail one could eat and drink at the same time!

High Tea cupcake cocktail

For the final cocktail, we decided to step up the heat literally. Using the pourover method (literally like filtering coffee), Paul John Bold (which has elements of peat) was mixed with almond milk, honey and dripped through a chai spice mix to create a spicy hot tea cocktail. Perfect for cold winter nights too!

High Tea Cocktails Crowd

A big thanks to Paul John Whiskies for their support and the Long Goodbye without which the event would not be possible.