Summer Aperitif Tasting with Kamm & Sons


Wow! We couldn't have picked a better way to kick off our inaugural event as Cocktail Co. Just in time for summer, we hosted a British garden party to welcome our special guest for the evening Alex Kammerling of British aperitif Kamm & Sons, who had flown in from the UK to lead us through an aperitif tasting. 

Kamm Aperitif Tasting

Taking place at a private studio on Jones Bay Wharf, we mingled with Alex over welcome Brit Spritzes before curtains were metaphorically pulled back to reveal an intimate sit down tasting.

Kamm Aperitif Tasting Front
Kamm Aperitif Tasting

Explaining the origins of bitter spirits and the concept of the aperitif, Alex took us through a tasting of 6 different aperitif and one amaro, including his own creation Kamm & Sons, whilst along the way explaining the challenges of creating a new spirit. As a bonus, he whipped out a very special expression of the Kamm & Sons, which had been aged in Ardbeg whisky barrels for some months and so new, it had not even been released as yet in the UK! A very special treat and a very special evening all round, we can't wait until that comes out. 

Kamm Aperitif Tasting set up