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Coffee Gin Flip

Coffee Gin Flip cocktail

Love coffee? Love gin? We love this concoction that combines both with egg for a creamy dream of a cocktail. A flip is the term used to describe a class of cocktails made with spirit, sugar, spice and whole eggs. They can also contain cream and can be served hot or cold. Historically, the original flips were made with beer and rum, and heated up with a fire poker being stuck into the drink, which made it fizz. A rather good piece setting out the history and background to the original flip (that was made hot) is this 2012 article by Tristan Stephenson (co-owner of renowned London bars Purl and Worship St Whistling Shop) in the now defunct Class Magazine. 

For our modern take on the flip (or perhaps we should say for our bastardisation of the classic), we've used a gin liqueur so not added any sugar syrup because of that. This actually came about when we were trying to make a Negroni but instead of putting Campari in, we added the Mr Black x Campos Limited Edition coffee liqueur instead. It was a pretty happy accident and one egg to the concoction later, we had a flipping great drink.

  • 30ml gin liqueur (we used Loch gin liqueur)
  • 30ml sweet vermouth (we used Maidenii sweet vermouth)
  • 30ml coffee liqueur (we used Mr Black x Campos Limited Edition or you can use Mr Black coffee liqueur)
  • One whole egg

Shake everything and strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with some grated nutmeg.