Snap-pea Gin Cocktail

A fresh and zesty gin and saké cocktail with fresh snap peas

A fresh and zesty gin and saké cocktail with fresh snap peas

A summery gin cocktail recipe that uses snap peas in the drink alongside sake

We first came across this cocktail using sugar snap peas when we were looking up cocktails to make with sake. Intrigued by the use of something we would normally put in salads or cook, we decided to give it a try ourselves, but put our own twist on it. The mint really lifted the freshness of the peas and the gin gave it a bit of an added zing. The chamomile sugar syrup added the necessary sweetness with a bit of the bitter hoppiness that we get with the flower.

Give this one a try - it really is easy enough to make and a very refreshing easy to drink cocktail!


4-5 sugar snap peas
1 sprig mint
40ml gin (for this one, we used a sample of Anchorage Gin from Alaska, kindly sent to us by Carissa aka the Fermented Alaskan) 
30ml chamomile sugar syrup*
20ml lemon juice
2-3 drops celery bitters
75 ml sake (preferably dry or extra dry - try a Junmai or Junmai Daiginjo)

Muddle peas and mint. Be careful not to over muddle the mint as it can give off a bitter tang. Add gin, sugar syrup, lemon juice and celery bitters then shake with ice.

Pour into glass and top with sake.

*Chamomile sugar syrup

Brew 150ml of water. Then drop a teaspoon of chamomile flowers to infuse for about ten minutes. Strain the chamomile water then return to pan and add 150 grams sugar. Simmer and let thicken.

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