Seedlip Pea & Cucumber Tonic

Seedlip Cucumber Mint Pea Tonic.JPG

Here’s how to make a fresh, green and a health conscious cocktail that is non-alcoholic and mostly sugar free.

Seedlip first burst on the scene in late 2015 with it’s attempt to reinvigorate the non-alcoholic drinks category. Although non-alcoholic liquor had existed prior, it is arguable that none had that combination of old world formulation and new world branding that Seedlip encapsulated. The Garden is the second expression in the range, and encompasses peas and hay in its distillate. Its recommended serve is with tonic garnished with peas but we wanted to jazz it up a little so we decided to combine it Nexba’s range of sugar free tonics, in this, we used the Lime Mint & Cucumber tonic to come up with a complete alcohol free, sugar free and guilt free drink.

The lack of alcohol in Seedlip also means you can freeze it and make all sorts of flavoured ice, which will add more flavour to the drink as it melts, which is exactly what we did! Using one of those anchor moulds, we filled the mould with peas, filled it up with Seedlip Garden and away we went!


  • 90ml Seedlip Garden

  • 150ml Nexba Lime Mint & Cucumber tonic water

  • 30ml mint syrup*

Combine Seedlip Garden and mint syrup in glass. Stir then fill with ice and top up with the Nexba. We garnished with an anchor shaped ice cube that had been made by freezing the Seedlip Garden in an anchor mould and popping a few frozen peas in it before it set.

*To make mint syrup

Combine equal parts water and sugar with a sprig of mint in a pan and bring to a simmer. Don’t boil.

Once sugar is all melted, take it off the heat and leave mint to steep about half hour before removing.