Clover Cousin

Non Alcoholic Clover Club Cocktail

Here’s how to make a non-alcoholic version of the popular Clover Club cocktail

Inspired by the flavours of the classic Clover Club cocktail, we decided to try and re-create an alcohol free version. This was partly the result of having tasted the new Altd Spirits Silver Princess, which is a non alcoholic “spirit” that calls on flavours of berry, honey and spice. The original Clover Club uses gin, lemon juice, raspberry syrup and egg white to create a silky yet rich cocktail. We stayed pretty true to that combination but used a honey syrup to highlight the flavours in the Silver Princess and grenadine, which is a syrup made from pomegranate juice. You can generally buy the syrup from most drinks store or from a specialist food store.


  • 60ml Altd Spirits Silver Princess

  • 10ml grenadine

  • 10ml honey syrup

  • 15ml lemon juice

  • 1 egg white

Combine all ingredients in a shaker without ice. Shake for about a minute. Add ice and shake again for about 30 seconds to a minute. Strain into glass. Garnish with mint leaf.

*To make honey syrup

Combine equal parts honey and hot water. Stir until fully dissolved.