Watermelon & Peas Collins Cocktail

Non alcoholic watermelon collins cocktail using a watermelon and cucumber soda, Seedlip Garden and sugar snap peas.

Put a non-alcoholic twist on a watermelon collins cocktail by using a cucumber and watermelon soda to go with fresh snap peas and Seedlip Garden.

The Tom Collins is a classic cocktail traditionally made up of gin, lemon juice, sugar and carbonated water. For this non-alcoholic twist, we decided to give the Double Dutch Cucumber and Watermelon soda a spin. Those flavours went well both with the fresh snap peas and the earthy pea notes from the Seedlip Garden non-alcoholic spirit (which in itself had a cucumber flavour to us). A bit like a fresh garden salad in a drink!


  • 3 sugar snap peas, fresh

  • 60ml Seedlip Garden

  • 15ml lime oleo saccharum*

  • 60ml Double Dutch cucumber and watermelon soda

Muddle sugar snap peas in bottom of glass. Pour in Seedlip Garden and lime oleo saccharum. Shake with ice. Pour everything into a glass and top up with the soda.

*If you don’t have lime oleo saccharum, substitute with sugar syrup