Quincy Gin Jones Cocktail

Quince Gin Cocchi Americano Cocktail

Quince gin and aromatic Cocchi Americano combine to make this an inviting variation on the 50/50 martini.

Inspired by the 50/50 martini which pairs equal parts gin and vermouth, we decided to do the same but using Broken Heart Spirits Quince Gin and the aromatic Cocchi Americano, an aperitif made in Asti since 1891. The Cocchi Americano is like a vermouth, made with a base of moscato d’asti and fortified with a touch of brandy. It’s then flavoured with bittering aromatics like gentian and cinchona bark, along with orange peels and herb. The moscato base means this is a touch sweeter than most other vermouth that might use a dry white wine as its base, which is why it works so well here in balancing the sharpness of the juniper in the gin.

This cocktail was created for our Bartender vs Sommelier event in November 2018, where we attempted to outdo the sommelier in pairing cocktails with the same cheeses that were paired with three different wines. The cheese for this cocktail was a smoked provola, and the tart sweetness of the cocktail balanced against the smoky flavours of the cheese. The cocktail can be batched up just as easily if you’re entertaining - simply multiply the proportions below by however many serves you need, prepare it beforehand and chill in the fridge up to a day in advance. When it comes time for your guests to arrive, you just pour, stir over ice and then serve. If you won’t have time to stir over ice, make sure you dilute the batch with some water before you chill in the fridge.


  • 50ml Broken Hearts Quince Gin

  • 50ml Cocchi Americano

Stir both over ice and then serve in a glass over a large ice ball. If batching, simply multiply the quantities by however many people you are serving.