Mezcal Manhattan

Mezcal coffee mint Manhattan

Give room temperature cocktails a chance with this mezcal coffee and mint combination made manhattan style

Room temperature cocktails are not anything new, but they’re certainly not the norm. Also called a “scaffa” they are a style of drink where you mix and serve at room temperature, i.e. without the use of any ice or any other method of chilling. It may seem strange at first because we’re so used to drinking cocktails cold, but once you have once of these, you’ll never go back! They’re great for showcasing complex flavours and letting the spirit shine through. For this one, we’ve chosen a smoky mezcal that is sweet and salty, which plays really well with the citrus bitter coffee of the amaro. The Branca Menta has a pepperminty flavour that also lends a silky texture to the whole thing.

How to make the Mezcal Manhattan


  • 60ml Los Amantes Mezcal Reposado

  • 20ml Mr Black Spirits Coffee Amaro

  • 10ml Branca Menta


  • Add all ingredients in a glass tumbler

  • Stir to mix the ingredients

  • Pour into a tumbler glass without any ice