Violet Gin Fizz Cocktail

Violet Gin Fizz cocktail

Try this play on a purple fizz drink that is a twist on a classic gin fizz

The Ramos Gin Fizz is a bit of a classic. If you’ve seen photos of cocktails with some crazy levels of foam sitting atop the drink, chance are its either the Ramos Gin Fizz or a variation thereof. Originally called the New Orleans Fizz, the cocktail takes its name from its creator Harry Ramos of New Orleans. The defining feature of the cocktail is indeed the foam, created mainly from the use of egg white, and some serious shaking. At the height of its popularity, Ramos was said to have employed bartenders solely to shake the drink. The use of egg white requires what is called the dry shake, i.e. shaking all the ingredients without ice, so as to enable the egg white to be emulsified. The dry shake is then followed by the usual shaking of the cocktail with ice.

For this variation, we’ve used a Violet Blossom Tonic in lieu of the normal soda water to top up the drink, and make the foam rise to the top. The tonic is the product of Artisan Drinks Co, and is made in Australia. Aside from the usual quinine that is defining of most tonics, the tonic is unusual in its use of violet blossom to flavour the drink, which also results in the very very pale purple colour. For the cocktail, we’ve accentuated the colour by using a butterfly pea syrup, that is made by simply dunking a butterfly pea tea bag in a batch of sugar syrup. The butterfly pea is a plant that is naturally purple and its key characteristic is that it turns pink when it interacts with water. Because tonic water contains some sugar, we’ve reduced the level of sugar syrup used (the classic uses soda water to top up the drink).

How to make the Violet Gin Fizz


  • 60ml gin (go for a fairly classic London Dry gin - we used McHenry’s London Dry gin)

  • 15ml lemon juice

  • 15ml lime juice

  • 15ml sugar syrup infused with butterfly pea tea bag

  • 2-3 drops orange blossom water

  • 30ml single cream

  • 1 egg white

  • Top up with Artisan Drinks Co Violet Blossom tonic


  • Combine all ingredients except the tonic in a shaker.

  • Shake vigorously (about 1-2 minutes).

  • Add ice and then shake for about 30 seconds or so.

  • Pour into glass and top up with the tonic.

  • Garnish with edible flowers