Espresso Mar-tea-ni

Espresso Mar-tea-ni

Ever had tea and coffee together? And in a cocktail? This espresso martini uses tea to give it an afternoon twist.

Now before you go turning up your nose, tea and coffee mixed together is quite a common beverage in parts of Asia, most notably Hong Kong. Take equal parts of milky tea and coffee and voila. For the milky tea however, sweetened condensed milk is usually used to both sweeten and add that touch of creaminess to it. And don’t use a delicately flavoured tea, you’ll want to use a robust black tea that will withstand the coffee and other elements in the cocktail.

How to make an Espresso Mar-tea-ni


  • 30ml vodka

  • 15ml cold drip coffee (we used the First Press Black cocktail mixer)

  • 15ml milky tea

  • 30ml Mr Black coffee liqueur


  • Put all ingredients in a shaker with ice.

  • Shake vigorously for a minute

  • Strain and serve