Mango Rum & Tonic

Mango, rum combine with black pepper and tonic

Welcome summer with this refreshing drink that combines rum, sweet mango, zesty lime, spicy black pepper and bitter tonic

Rum and tonic is not the combination that springs to mind when one tries to think of what to pair with tonic. But the grassy and herbaceous notes of the rhum agricole (which is rum distilled from fresh sugar cane juice, as opposed to molasses) combines really well with the zesty kaffir lime and sweet mango balances it all out. Add a bit of spicy pepper and bitter tonic and boom! It’s a spicy yet sweet and zesty long drink perfect for summer.

How to make a Mango Rum and Tonic


  • 30ml rhum agricole (we used Chalong Bay)

  • 25ml Small Batch Food Co mango and kaffir lime cordial

  • Few cracks black pepper

  • Tonic water


  • Combine rum, cordial and black pepper in a glass with ice.

  • Stir until cordial is dissolved.

  • Top up with tonic water (about 90ml) and stir again to ensure everything is mixed.