12 Cocktails of Christmas - the Candy Cane Cocktail

Candy Cane Cocktail

Lighten up Christmas with this peppermint candy cane cocktail with blackberry liqueur, chocolate liqueur and Branca Menta.

We're kicking off the Christmas countdown and it wouldn't be the silly season without cocktails! Get into the festive mood with this liquid version of the iconic candy cane, that white and red striped stick traditionally flavoured with peppermint. This adult version is best savoured at the end of a meal like a digestif - sip it, ponder life and count your blessings.


  • 40ml Marionette blackberry liqueur (or creme de cassis)

  • 20ml Distillery Botanica Koko Noir chocolate liqueur*

  • 10ml Branca Menta

Shake all over ice and strain into chilled glass. 

*the Koko Noir isn't your conventional sweet liqueur.  Made using 100% fresh Papua New Guinea cocoa nibs, it has a cherry like acidity balanced against the dark chocolate notes. We found it less sweet than other chocolate liqueurs we used so if you are going to use another commercial brand, dial up or dial down the quantity depending on how sweet you like your drinks.