Terry's Chocolate Orange Cocktail

Choc Terry Orange Gin Sour (resized).JPG

Try this refreshing take on a gin sour classic, that tastes like Terry's chocolate orange with a touch of coffee

We were challenged on Instagram to come up with a variation on the gin sour. Originally starting off wanting to make a Tiramisu in a glass, the combination of the flavours somehow combined to make it a chocolate Terry orange instead (you know, the orange shaped chocolate you can get at the supermarkets?). We still had some of the Biscoff infused vodka from our Biscoff Coffee Cocktail so we decided to put it to good use with the Four Pillars Christmas Gin 2017, which added some lovely warm spice to the cocktail. A touch of Mr Black coffee liqueur helped to give it a bit of a kick - a little like taking chocolates with your coffee. Perfect after dinner cocktail. 

Here's how to make this Terry's Chocolate Orange Gin Cocktail.


  • 30ml Four Pillars Christmas Gin 2017

  • 30ml Biscoff infused vodka (see the earlier post here on how to make this)

  • 15ml lemon juice

  • 15ml simple syrup

  • 7.5ml Mr Black coffee liqueur

  • 1 egg white

Shake all ingredients without ice for about 1 minute. Add ice and then shake for another minute. Strain into glass. Garnish liberally with grated dark chocolate (alternatively, if no chocolate, sprinkle dark cocoa)