Rhubarb Bar Rosa Cocktail

Rhubarb Gin Cocchi Rosa Cocktail

Rhubarb gin combines with Aperol and Cocchi Rosa aperitif to create a rosy hued cocktail that pairs well with the Alta Badia cheese

The second of the cocktails created for our Bartender vs Sommelier event in November 2018, this was created to pair with the flavourful Alta Badia, made from fresh whole cows milk from a small number selected dairy farms and left to ripen for about 6 months. We decided to combine the Broken Hearts Rhubarb Gin with the aromatic Cocchi Rosa aperitif, itself using a red wine base which combined well with the tart rhubarb notes. Rounding up the cocktail was a touch of Aperol, itself using as one of its key botanicals, the rhubarb. You can make this as an individual cocktail or if serving for a party, multiply the proportions by the number of people and then mix it all together in a clean bottle (or if you like, prepare it up to a day in advance). Remember, if you are not going to have time to stir over ice before serving, add some water at the time of batching.


  • 60ml Broken Hearts Rhubarb Gin

  • 20ml Aperol

  • 20ml Cocchi Rosa

Stir all ingredients over ice before pouring into a chilled glass.