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Gin Carrot Cocktail

Gin Carrot Cocktail.jpg

Gin and carrot juice get a lift from an unexpected ingredient in this cocktail - Jagermeister. Traditionally associated with Red Bull shooters, a little Jager in the mix can actually lend complexity to a cocktail. Like most herbal liqueurs, the exact blend of botanicals and spices that go into Jagermeister is a secret but we have it on good authority that apart from the usual suspects, it includes lavender! 

Rounding things up, we used the sea-inspired Manly Spirits Distillery Co gin, with its slight savoury notes matching well with the carrot and Jager. BIt of ginger and lemon later, this is a salad worth having.


  • 60ml Manly Spirits Distillery Co gin
  • 90ml carrot juice
  • 15ml ginger syrup (we used the one from the Ginger People, which you can buy from specialist grocers)
  • 10ml Jagermeister
  • 5ml lemon juice
  • Few drops Addiction Mixology foam drops (or use one egg white)

Shake everything without ice. Add ice and shake well especially if using egg white. Strain into glass.