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Chocolate Orange Vodka Cocktail

Chocolate Orange Vodka Cocktail.jpg

In the mood for dessert and something darker? Then you can't go past this cocktail inspired by Terry's Chocolate Orange. As far as dessert cocktails go, this isn't rich and dense, it's more bittersweet. Designed to be eaten with a triple chocolate cupcake that we baked on a last minute whim one evening. While waiting for the cake to bake, we rummaged around in our drinks cabinet to find something suitable to drink with it and came upon a Heavens Hell gold vodka that was at the back. An Australian vodka, the gold doesn't refer to the standard or quality - this vodka literally has 24 carat gold flakes in the bottle. Don't believe us? Check out this video 

To go with the decadence of the vodka, we used some clear creme de cacao and an orange curacao from Marionette alongside a ginger syrup from the Ginger People (you can get this from most specialist grocers). The Marionette curacao isn't overly sweet so if you're using another commercial brand that is a lot sweeter, you may want to play with the proportions here.


  • 60ml Heavens Hell gold vodka
  • 15ml clear creme de cacao
  • 30ml Marionette Liqueur orange curacao
  • 5ml The Ginger People ginger syrup

Shake all over ice and strain into chilled glass. Top with the crust of a triple chocolate cupcake that has been frosted with orange blossom icing.