Chocolate Butterscotch Espresso Martini

An Easter cocktail combining coffee and chocolate liqueurs with butterscotch schnapps for a rich espresso martini

Easter Egg cocktails take a rich turn with this concoction of rum, coffee liqueur, chocolate liqueur and butterscotch schnapps.

Never mind Easter egg hunting - take a moment to sneak away and enjoy this decadent drink, best drunk out of a hollow Easter egg so you can take a sip and alternate it with a bite of chocolate at the same time. Outside of Easter, simply serve it in a martini glass and pair with dark chocolate for a luxe treat. We took our inspiration from the recipe from the Intoxicologist but tweaked it slightly to give it a more local twist by incorporating the Mr Black coffee amaro. Also combined this with the burnt toffee delight that is the Baker Williams butterscotch schnapps and the locally produced Ord River Rum rum, if you are using any other brand of schnapps or rum, you may want to tweak the proportions -  the Baker Williams schnapps in particular, is not quite as sugary sweet as some other brands.


  • 45ml Ord River Rum Premium rum

  • 30ml dark creme de cacao

  • 15ml Baker Williams butterscotch schnapps

  • 30ml Mr Black Spirits coffee amaro

  • 30ml cooled espresso (or Nespresso)

Shake all over ice and pour into a hollow chocolate egg. Squirt a generous dollop of cream and top with grated chocolate.